Welcome to Tranche Buy

Win it, don't save for it

Step 1: Selection

select the item you wish for from the advertised list or copy and paste the link of your desired item from Amazon.

Step 2: Payment

pay only 13% of your item’s price.
Note: free participation is available, check the 2 conditions.

Step 3: Competition

compete against 10 other participants by taking a quiz of 4 general questions. The other 10 participants are 9 paid and one free.

Step 4: Winning

after having 10 participants compete on the same item and taking the same quiz, the winner will be announced as the one who got all the answers correctly in the shortest time possible.

Step 5: Cashback

once the winner is announced, 100% of the item’s price will be transferred to his account where now he can enjoy buying the desired item and save 87% of its price.